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Sons Of Anarchy's Mark Boone Junior and his pet chicken star in indie supergroup Sweet Apple's new video.


December 2017

Sweet Apple - Sing the Night in Sorrow - OUT NOW!

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July 2017

Dangerous Minds premieres our "World I'm Gonna Leave You" video and offers killer background on "THE DEATH CAR" that the video was shot on. Must read if you dig mayhem, ghosts, trains and death.


July 2017

The A.V. Club premieres the new Sweet Apple video for 'Reunion'- filmed in Salem, Massachusetts.

Robert Pollard guests on vocals.

October 2014

Mike Watt stars in new Sweet Apple video: 'Let's Take the Same Plane.'

Dangerous Minds premieres the new video starring Mike Watt. The video was filmed in San Pedro, CA -- song features Mark Lanegan and Rachel Haden.

June 2014

NPR Music premieres second video from 'The Golden Age of Glitter.'

'Boys in Her Fanclub' was filmed at the Rose Bowl. Lots of fireworks, and John flys a plane!


April 2014

Record Release Day! The new Sweet Apple LP ‘The Golden Age of Glitter’ is out today, April 8th.

sweet apple the golden age of glitter

sweet apple wish you could stay

sweet apple wish you could stay

April 2014

Rolling Stone premieres new album 'The Golden Age of Glitter' -- stream the record at rollingstone.com.


April 2014

Esquire Magazine premieres 'Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer),' first video from 'The Golden Age of Glitter.'

Band picks favorite travel songs, click here to read the article.

March 2014

Sweet Apple to Release Sophomore LP “The Golden Age of Glitter” April 8.

Indie Supergroup Gets Conceptual on Long-Awaited New LP.

Album to Feature Guest Appearances from Mark Lanegan, Robert Pollard and More.

SWEET APPLE, the band of rockers from groups you’ve heard before is back! The Golden Age of Glitter, a 10-song power-pop masterpiece featuring J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr., Heavy Blanket), Tim Parnin (Cobra Verde, Chuck Mosley), John Petkovic (Cobra Verde, Death of Samantha, Guided By Voices) and Dave Sweetapple (Witch, Vardlokk) will be released on April 8 via Tee Pee Records. The LP is the follow up to the band’s critically celebrated debut Love & Desperation, a record that featured “70s arena rock-like songs” (Pitchfork) and presented “one stomp box in the power pop of their youth, one in the heavy indie thud they invented” (SPIN).

The Golden Age Of Glitter was recorded from California to Massachusetts, with Cleveland in the middle and, according to vocalist John Petkovic, “is an album about connecting and missing flights, arrivals and departures.”  Featuring 10 songs of SWEET APPLE‘s irresistibly infectious rock, The Golden Age of Glitter travels a wide swathe of musical styles — almost as wide as the geography represented by the band — and revolves around a running narrative where the band becomes the theme (the group’s members are spread out across the country). Lyrically, the songs focus on “travel and distance”, longing for a new, different place and then tackling the reality of getting there. Yes, SWEET APPLE cashed in their frequent flyer miles for a trip full of sunny, dark, moody and heavy sounds – the kind we’ve heard these guys do in other bands, but never before like this! The Golden Age of Glitter features special guest contributions from Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens Of The Stone Age) and Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) among others. ”Mark and Bob are longtime friends and we’re all fans of their music and approach to making music,” says Petkovic, who played with Pollard in Guided by Voices.

”By all normal measuring sticks, this record shouldn’t even exist. We’re a band spread out all over the county; we all play in a bunch of different bands; and we started by accident,” said Petkovic. ”And yet that’s kind of what I find interesting about Sweet Apple. I came up with the first song for the record – “Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer)” — while we were on tour. We all flew in from different places and airports to meet in Seattle, the first stop on a West Coast tour. We came in a night early, for our one and only practice. On one hand, you’d think it’s insane doing a band like this. On the other, there’s a newness to it; it’s like we’re starting over and doing something new every time. Sweet Apple is a band of connecting flights and airports and that is also in an ongoing theme. I’ve never been in a band before where the band became the theme — where there was such a wide gulf between the destination and getting there.”

Interestingly, The Golden Age of Glitter will spawn six (YES, SIX) music videos of varying storylines. The first — for “Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer)” — features the band dispersed around the country and connected by paper airplanes. The SIX videos will include — in some form or fashion — the band, Mark Lanegen, legendary bassist and songwriter Mike Watt, paper airplanes, the Rose Bowl, NYC, Halloween trick-or-treaters and more. You’ll have to wait until the next press release to find out more…

Track listing:

1.) Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer) * duet with Mark Lanegan
2.) Reunion * duet with Robert Pollard
3.) Boys in Her Fan Club
4.) Let’s Take the Same Plane * features Mark Lanegan and Rachel Haden on vocals
5.) Another Desert Skyline
6.) I Surrender
7.) Troubled Sleep
8.) We Are Ruins
9.) You Made a Fool Out of Me
10). Under the Liquor Sign * duet with Robert Pollard

Sweet Apple is:

J. Mascis - Also plays guitar in Dinosaur Jr. and drums in Witch. Played with Cobra Verde for a spell. Favorite color is purple. Owns hundreds of guitar pedals and dozens of Adidas. First job was a Japanese restaurant. Has made pilgrimages to India. Enjoys kale chips and Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins.

Tim Parnin - Also plays guitar in Cobra Verde and with former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosely. Has also played on a ping-pong team with NBA All Star Kyrie Irving. Opened a guitar and pedal shop called Guitar Riot. Former juggling instructor.

John Petkovic - Also plays in Cobra Verde and Death of Samantha. Currently working on a movie in which he walks around L.A. in a space suit. Played in Guided by Voices for a while and on a J Mascis and Fog album. Owns dozens of Adidas. Former aid to the Crown Prince of Yugoslavia. According to Dave, he only eats canned food (Dinty Moore).

Dave Sweetapple - Also plays bass in Witch and Dusty Skull. Native of Newfoundland, Canada (where they beat baby seals). Grew hair long after seeing a photo of the Alice Cooper Band. His rare mushroom collection is as impressive as his vinyl collection. Aspiring ventriloquist!

“Sweet Apple rock it up in gonzomid-’70s style, with lashings of glam (Kiss FM riffs) and powerpop (Posies / Raspberries harmonies).” - MOJO

”Alt-rock all-stars swing hard…Sweet Apple throbs with a swaggering garage-rock bravado” - PASTE 

”the sounds of catharsis and joyous release, a reminder of what rock & roll is all about.”- THE BIG TAKEOVER

”A throwback ’70s pop-rock jam from Cobra Verde singer John Petkovic, Dinosaur Jr. axe god J. Mascis and Witch bassist Dave Sweetapple, the self-referential Sweet Apple crafts summery anthems perfectly built for the bong room or mini-golf course.” - FILTER

March 2014

New Sweet Apple 45 - Now Available.
'Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer)'

First single from upcoming full length 'The Golden Age of Glitter.'
Vocal duet with Mark Lanegan!
Very limited release - available in yellow or purple vinyl.
Click here to order.
sweet apple j mascis tim parnin john petkovic dave sweetapple love and desperation
February 2013

Sweet Apple pays tribute to cheapjack political ads, empty slogans and the electoral college with its Decision 2012 anthem "ELECTED."

Click here to order.
November 2012

Breaking Political News!!
New Sweet Apple 45 - Now Available.
Cover of Alice Cooper's 'Elected.'

Sweet Apple takes The Waffle House in 2012!
Very limited release - available in green or orange vinyl.
Click here to order.
sweet apple j mascis tim parnin john petkovic dave sweetapple love and desperation
October 2012

Sweet Apple Recording New Album in Los Angeles.

Space rock, psych, swampy, pop,12 string acoustics, special guests ...
sweet apple j mascis tim parnin john petkovic dave sweetapple love and desperation

August + September 2011

New Photos Posted from Sweet Apple West Coast Tour.

sweet apple j mascis tim parnin john petkovic dave sweetapple love and desperation
John took some cool pix on the road...
Sweet Apple Facebook page.
Sweet Apple Flickr page.
March 2011

Sweet Apple in Las Vegas on Valentine's Day.

Performing at the Palms for Thrasher Magazine/Maloff Skateboarding Party.

Click here for more information:
February 2011

The Huffington Post Picks Sweet Apple CD #5 Best of 2010.

Read the article here.
January 2011

Sweet Apple West Coast Tour Dates Announced -
Shows in January with Dead Meadow.

Visit the Shows page for cities, dates, and venue information.
December 2010

New Photos Posted from Sweet Apple + Guided By Voices Tour.
sweet apple j mascis john petkovic tim parnin dave sweetapple guided by voices

Visit the Photos page to view images.
November 2010

Sweet Apple with Guided By Voices - Sold-Out Shows in Atlanta, DC, and NC.

Visit the Shows page for more information.
October 2010

Sweet Apple Live at The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn.

September 2010

New Shows Added: East Coast Dates in September, plus October Dates with Guided By Voices.

August 2010

Visit our shows page for more info.

Elijah Wood picks Sweet Apple for iTunes Compilation.

June 29th, 2010

sweet apple elijah wood compilationSweet Apple fan Elijah Wood included the song 'Do You Remember' on his new compilation
'Elysium: A Benefit for The Art of Elysium' - a charity album benefiting the Art of the Elysium foundation. Other artists include Sonic Youth, Black Mountain, and The Kills.

Click here for more information.

Sweet Apple Performs at Rachael Ray's Block Party.

June 19th, 2010

Sweet Apple rocked in Brooklyn on Saturday at Rachael's Boozy BBQ. Thanks to Rachael and her staff for the hospitality and the tasty Rachael chow.
sweet apple john petkovic rachael ray

Two New Shows Added. More Show Announcements Coming Soon.

June 1st, 2010

July 9th, 2010
| The Grog Shop | Cleveland, OH

July 10th, 2010 | Abbey Pub | Chicago, IL

Two LIMITED 7" Singles Now Available.

May, 2010

UK 7" single | I've Got a Feeling (That Won't Change)
Damaged Goods

7" single | Do You Remember
Secret Serpents

Visit the Releases page for more information.

'Love & Desperation' CD Release Party at the Mercury Lounge
Tuesday, April 20th.

April 20th, 2010

sweet apple record release show love & desperation Sweet Apple is set to celebrate the release of 'Love & Desperation' Tuesday, April 20th at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan (217 East Houston Street, NYC, 10002).

Purchase tickets to the show.

'Love & Desperation' - on iTunes.

'Love & Desperation' CD - from Amazon.

'Love & Desperation' Vinyl - from Amazon.

It's Sweet Apple Week at Magnet Magazine.

April 20th, 2010

Every day, through Sunday, Magnet will run two things Dave, Tim, J and John chose to say something about, from music to clothes to spiritual leaders to movies. Magnet will update the "Guest Editor" section twice a day, with two new items. There's also a Q and A on the band. If ...you wanna check it, go to www.magnetmagazine.com/?s=sweet+apple

'Do You Remember' video now up on YouTube.

April 14th, 2010

Sweet Apple to release 'Love & Desperation' - April 2010

February, 2010

Most bands are brought together by guitars, amps and drums. Sweet Apple formed after tragedy, out of friendship, on a miserable day in Vermont. At first glance, the rock ‘n’ roll quartet might seem like one of those "indie-rock supergroup" sideshows. (editor's note: "stupor group"?)

Yes, J Mascis (drums/guitar/vocals) plays in Dinosaur Jr. Tim Parnin (guitar) and John Petkovic (vocals/guitar) play in Cobra Verde. Dave Sweetapple (bass/vocals) plays in Witch. But Sweet Apple was born of a death - and a cross country drive. Totally by chance.

It was rainy morning in December when John Petkovic got in his car heading eastward. He had no destination in mind, let alone plans for a band. He just wanted to drive away. "My mother had just died after a long, horrible illness," he says. "And I’d been totally devastated by so many things, all at once. I’d lost so much weight. I couldn’t eat or sleep. All I did was smoke cigarettes, one and after another after another." John got in his car and went for a long smoke. Four hundred miles from his hometown of Cleveland, and out of the blue, he received a phone call from friend Dave Sweetapple.

"I couldn’t believe he was driving around aimlessly," says Sweetapple, of Brattleboro, Vt. "When I found out he was so close to Vermont I told him to come over." Dave also called their mutual friend J Mascis, who lives nearby in Amherst, Ma., and told him to come over. J did, and told John to start writing a bunch of songs when he got back home - so they could start a band. John hadn’t played guitar for months. He came up with four songs on the ride home - including "I Can’t See You," with its haunting refrain, "I drove and drove and drove and drove. And drove and drove and drove and drove."

Within three weeks, John was jamming with CV bandmate Tim Parnin - and they whittled 25 songs down to 12. "Out of the blue, we had an album full of catchy tunes," says Parnin. "It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve experienced playing in bands." Even weirder, many of the songs are upbeat - fun and mockingly funny, with loud, brash guitars. "

Do You Remember" is a driving singalong. "I’ve Got a Feeling That Won’t Change" is wounded pop. "Flying Up a Mountain" is a nihilist singalong. "Love & Desperation" was recorded in Cleveland and Massachusetts. It was mixed by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, The Hold Steady) and Don Depew (Guided By Voices, Cobra Verde).

"I tell people that I saved John’s life by starting this band," says Mascis. "But they don’t believe me."

Sweet Apple is:
J Mascis - Guitar god in Dinosaur Jr.; drummer in Witch. Played with Cobra Verde for a spell. Owner of hundreds of guitar pedals and dozens of Adidas. Favorite color is purple. Has worked in a coffee shop in India, even though he doesn’t drink coffee. Spends a lot of money in Whole Foods.

Tim Parnin - Guitar player in Cobra Verde. Plays guitar with former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosely. Former clothing designer. Cleveland Cavaliers season ticket holder. Partied with Shaq.

John Petkovic - Frontman for Cobra Verde. Still gets acting residuals from "The OC." Played in Guided by Voices. Former aid to the Crown Prince of Yugoslavia. Writes about bars and movies for the Cleveland’s daily newspaper. Working on an underwear-themed art exhibition. Smokes less, eats more gummy bears.

Dave Sweetapple - Bassist in Witch. Native of Newfoundland, Canada (where they beat baby seals). Prefers rock over free jazz. Grew hair long after seeing a photo of the Alice Cooper Band. Collects rare mushrooms. Owns a best-in-breed Irish Wolfhound named Cyril.

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